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Migrating from PromiseKit


Below are some PromiseKit operations and their equivalents in Async+:

  • firstly -> attempt
  • then -> then (but it doesn't always need to return a value)
  • map -> then with a non-async body returning a value
  • compactMap -> use then returning a value, combined with a helper extension for optional called unwrapOrThrow. Use this on the optional value when you return to replicate the behavior of compactMap.
  • recover -> recover
  • get -> then that doesn't return anything
  • tap -> tap (not implemented yet)
  • ensure -> ensure
  • done -> then without returning a value
  • catch -> catch
  • finally -> finally


Additionally, these operations offer functionality that is different from PromiseKit:

  • .catch() with throwing body: this essentially just maps errors to one another while preventing further calls to then.
  • .throws(): If the chain is able to be evaluated instantaneously, then this returns the value or throws.
  • .async(): Can use on a guarantee (which is returned by a non-throwing recover).
  • .asyncOptional(): For failable async chains: Async call that returns an optional value of the result.
  • .asyncResult(): Async call that returns a Swift.Result<T, Error> (the Async+ framework defines its own result type).
  • .asyncThrows(): Async call that returns the value or throws.