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Using chains from async or throwing contexts

Async contexts, async throwing contexts

Waiting for a chain to complete from within an async or async throwing function is possible as in:

let value = await attempt{ ... }.async()

let value = try await attempt{ ... }.asyncThrows()

These value-getting operations are available anywhere in the chain, even after .finally.

If the chain doesn't throw you will not be able to call asyncThrows on it (it is a Guarantee<T> type rather than a Promise<T> type), and vice versa.

Throwing contexts

Additionally, a throws() operation exists for non-async throwing contexts. For non-async chains, no Tasks are created under the hood, and all operations run sychronously.

Here is an example that returns a value using .throws():

func myThrowingFunc() throws {
    let v = try attempt{ ... }.then{ ... }.recoverEtc{ ... }.throws()
    // Do something with v