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Why am I getting an unused value warning from Xcode?

Chains that allow failures to go uncaught (without .catch or .recover) will raise an "unused result" warning at compile time if they are not assigned to a variable and used. Similarly, unused results returned from then or recover will raise a warning.

What is the difference between the ensure operation and using Swift's built-in defer?

Swift's defer will execute the provided block at the end of the current scope. This is different from ensure, which executes regardless of success or failure at the place that it is put in the chain. Although defer preserves order of execution with regard to other defer statements, this order is not in relation to the surrounding await operations like ensure is. Additionally, if a function throws before defer is called, then the block will not be run at all. Even though at first glance they may be used for similar things (e.g. cleaning up of resources), they behave quite differently with respect to when and if they are run.